We Make WCC Shine

Building Services provides cleaning services for approximately 716,000 square feet of the main campus facilities and the off campus Harriett Street Center building.  Our custodians work diligently to provide a sanitary and healthy environment for your students, faculty, and staff.  We specialize in a range of custodial services including bio-hazard cleanup.

Building Services provides:

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and restocking of restrooms
  • Cleaning, auto-scrubing, striping, waxing and maintenance of floors
  • Cleaning, dusting, and washing of walls, doors, blinds, windows, interior glass and other above the floor surfaces
  • Collection and removal of trash, and cleaning of trash containers
  • Cleaning of classrooms, chalkboards, erasers and restocking of supplies
  • Participation in the paper and cardboard recycle program
  • Set-up for external and internal conferences, meetings and special events, including Ironworkers and UA
  • Large project cleaning during the summer and breaks
  • In house equipment repair

Jeff Fetters
Temporary Acting Supervisor (A.M.)
Building Services
Phone: 734-677-5304
Email: jefettters@wccnet.edu

Jerry Barker
Supervisor (P.M.)
Building Services


Facilities Management Staff