Washtenaw Community College Recycle Operations Department has rolled out new waste and recycling stations across campus in corridors, and lobbies.  The Recycle Operations Department is focused on making recycling easy, accessible, and effective for everyone. WCC has long boasted an engaged and active recycling community, ongoing progress to reduce waste to landfill would be impossible without everyone’s involvement.

The Recycle Operations Department is working across campus to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill. The old bins located in corridors and lobbies were inconsistent across campus, poorly sized, and it was very difficult to place clear messaging on them. The new stations are easier to use, have standardized signage, colors, and shapes, and should help to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill.

The new stations will be located in common areas and some break rooms. Hallways and lobbies that previously had the old recycling and trash cans now have the new systems. The new three bin stations will always be set out in the same order left to right

  • Bottles Cans and Containers
  • Mixed Paper and Card
  • Landfill

The most common error made is the placement of disposable coffee cups (both paper and Styrofoam) in a recycle bin. Coffee cups are not recyclable and residual coffee contaminates the whole bin. Please use a refillable/reusable cup whenever possible.

The new stations are clearly labelled as follows

  • Green- Bottles, Cans and Containers includes
    • Plastic bottles and containers #1-7 – such as drink bottles, sushi trays, yogurt pots, etc. rinse food containers well.
    • Tin and aluminum cans and lids – rinse food containers well. Empty aerosol cans are OK.
    • Glass – bottles, and jars rinsed well
  • Blue – Mixed Paper and Card includes
    • Newspaper and junk mail mix, glossy inserts
    • Magazines, catalogues, paperback and phone books
    • Office paper, note paper, envelopes
    • Paper bags
    • Cereal boxes, and boxboard boxes and sleeves

Corrugated cardboard boxes too large for the bins should be set out for custodial services to collect

Tissue paper, paper towels, kitchen towel, and food contaminated paper (covered in ketchup) fast food containers are NOT recyclable.

Chip bags and similar products are NOT recyclable.

  • Black – Landfill
    • All residual waste placed in this bin will go to landfill

Please think carefully before placing items in the landfill bin, items will go directly to landfill without sorting.

2017/2018 recorded a diversion rate from landfill of 31% for waste such as paper, glass and plastic separated from the general waste stream, which excludes construction and demolition waste and specialized waste such as metal from automotive and welding programs. WCC’s goal is to decrease the total amount of waste produced whilst increasing the percentage of that waste which is recycled.

If you want to further reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill and have a kitchen or break room ask the Recycle Department for an organics bin. WCC has an organic waste management program for fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, tea leaves, and egg shells. The compost and castings produced by the program are used in the WTMC Vegetable Garden.

If you have any questions about the new stations, notice one needing repair, or have any questions on what can go in them, how items should be prepared, or other items that can be recycled at WCC please called or email the Recycling Operations Manager on x5732 or rjandrews@wccnet.edu.